Signs of Fatigue When Running

Running is one of the most strenuous forms of exercise because it puts a lot of pressure on the muscles in the legs, shoulders and hips. For this reason it is also one of the most effective sports if you want to loose weight. While running the human body burns more than 600 calories within one hour. To boost your weight loss, it makes sense to use some extra help in the form of medicaments. They help to decrease your appetite and inhibit the action of enzymes which digest the food in your stomach.

Due to the high effectiveness of running it often goes hand in hand with fatigue. People who continue to run while they are tired are more likely to get injured. Fortunately, recognizing the signs of fatigue while running can help prevent one from becoming injured.

What are some of the signs of fatigue while running?

Cramping is one of the most common signs of fatigue. This cramping usually develops in the legs, but it could also develop in the hips, arms or shoulders. Some people may also experience a feeling of heaviness in their legs.

What are some of the causes of fatigue while running?

Lactic acid buildup is one probable cause of fatigue. During intense exercise, the body begins to breakdown glucose. Glucose is used as a fuel source for the muscles. If the body is getting enough oxygen, then carbon dioxide and water will be the end products of glucose. However, if one is not getting enough oxygen, lactic acid will begin to build inside of the muscles.

Over-training is one of the biggest mistakes that runners make, and it can also cause fatigue. Training is extremely important, but people have to get their body a chance to rest. Fatigue can also occur when the body is dehydrated. Additionally, wearing poor-fitting shoes can one to become tired easily while running.

What are some of the things that can be done to prevent fatigue while running?

People need to make sure that they eat a healthy meal prior to running. Whole-grains, skinless poultry, fruits and vegetables while supply the body with the energy that it needs to sustain a workout. Fried, fatty and sugary foods have a tendency to impair performance and cause fatigue. People also need to make sure that they stay hydrated before, during and after a run.

Taking a special medication can also prevent fatigue. However, runners need to consult with their doctor before they take any type of medication.

Again, the body needs time to rest, so runners need to allow themselves to have at least one day of rest per week. Furthermore, it is important to get seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Resting allows the body time to heal damaged tissues and muscles.



Active Teenagers

The more people play team-sports, the better the sport gets. That’s an unwritten rule. But, unfortunately, most modern teenagers don’t bother to do any kind of activities, outside of playing computer games or watching tv. At least, that’s the impression an adult gets when he looks at the latest statistics of school-researchers. Even at the moment, America has a very high percentage of overweight-people. But in the last 5 years, the teenagers and kids became even less active. Instead, they watch the same tv-shows over and over again, so they can talk about what happened the next day at school. I mean, what’s the fun of “running in circles for three hours while trying to catch a ball”? That’s propably what they think about sports and activities. But at least, the are still very active young people who have fun doing sports.